At Aizen, we understand all forms of recruitment challenges in a global economy. We partner with Clients during all stages of growth, advising on the optimal KSA mix (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities) to achieve their core business objectives.

After a thorough needs assessment phase conducted by our Experts, we source Subsequently, we source and secure the most appropriate candidates to the right business requirement. Our team of consultants brings an extensive yet unique experience to the task with engagement, integrity and excellence in customer relations.

We provide the platform that connects you to a Global talent pool, design appealing job-boards with the appropriate job descriptions.

We believe in the 3P approach “Profile/Personality/Position” while evaluating candidates through renown and proven personality and behavioral tests (MBTI, DiSC evaluation for recruitment assessments, collective intelligence etc.).

Here is our 15-step approach that makes our value proposition unique ! The following illustration depicts Aizen’s end-to-end recruitment cycle:

In the current scenario, high performing organisations recognize the need to use result-oriented external service providers to enhance their competitive advantage in attracting quality human capital.

Potential employees in an open labour market assess the track record of prospective employers, primarily in the area of career progression and development.

At Aizen Recruitment, we bridge this gap and deliver value for both employers and potential employees through our efficient 15-step approach:

1. Collecting information on company culture, structure, operation, and market. This includes a company audit, job and person specification analysis.

2. Briefing the company on the job description, current personnel policy and salary proposal. We come up with a proposal to the company concerning the prevailing terms on the labour market and appropriate offer packages for prospective candidates. Designing and uploading the job description that consists of either online or print media postings.

3. Promoting the company and the opportunity through our professional network and social media. This means using social media platforms, our in-house applicant database, industry / trade searches and our global networks around the globe.

4. Pre-screening applicants (promising candidates) as a first contact through phone conversation to get a feel of the candidates and ensure the correctness on the curriculum vitae (CV).

5. Organising a structured telephone interview with the applicant. This means engaging in the in-depth interviews with pre-screened candidates at this stage.

6. Scheduling, executing face-to-face interviews with select candidates and administering behavioral assessment. At this point, we plan for the psychometric testing of candidates and competency-based interviews.

7. Preparing and presenting the candidate profiles and assisting the Client in first level eliminations. Here we undertake and submit the Client a detailed report on preliminary selected candidates.

8. Coordinating and assisting the Client in applicant interviews. We will be with the Client throughout the selection process in selecting the right candidate for the right job.

9. Running a thorough reference and background check of Client selected candidates. Pre-employment checks include, such as education verification, employment verification, professional qualification/membership checks, and criminal record checks.

10. Planning for the final review of select candidates. We provide assistance in salary offer package preparation to secure and motivate the candidate. We will aid the client in salary negotiation and the provision of an attractive offer package to successful job applicants.

11. Releasing offer, negotiating with the candidate to secure the mutual agreement. Here, our aim is to seal a deal between the client and the successful applicant that is satisfying to both parties

12. Providing courteous feedback to the eliminated applicants and advising the end of the process. At Aizen, the entire HR recruitment process is a journey of discovery for us. We duly update unsuccessful candidates of their non-success in the recruitment process and answer further enquiries.

13. Following up on new recruits’ status and performance after hiring for full client satisfaction. Once a candidate starts a new role, we make it our duty to follow up on the progress of the new hire’s performance to ensure it is up to standard.

14. Providing NO FEE guarantee replacement of under-performing and dis-satisfying new recruits.

15. As part of our service guarantee to clients, we will replace non-performing candidates with performing personnel at no cost to employers.

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