Job Description

Key Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and manage the activities that within their professional criteria are considered pertinent, in favour of timely and quality accounting and financial information;
  • Carry out detailed and conscientious analyses of the financial and accounting information of the company, in order to mitigate possible failures or errors;
  • Prepare and present the financial statements of the company, ensuring that the information presented is reasonable and is a useful tool for decision-making by management;
  • Analyse inventory, costs, income and expenses, cash flow, profitability, operating performance and budgets;
  • Respond for the adequate and timely presentation of information of a financial and tax nature, required by the different control entities;
  • Attend with diligence and opportunity the requirements of internal and external audits (responsible for the local audits);
  • Analyse and propose the methods and procedures to carry out the accounting, tax and financial records of the company;
  • Review compliance with generally accepted accounting principles;
  • Ability to liaise with tax auditors ensuring strict compliance with tax regulations in Turkey;
  • Knowledge and understanding in drafting relevant SOP's and ensuring compliance with the same;
  • Take care of the protection and maintenance of the confidentiality of the information provided by the organisation and by clients.

Successful Applicant

  • CPA / other qualifications is preferred;
  • Good mastery of English language both spoken and written is a must;
  • Deep understanding of audit and control processes;
  • Leadership skills developed by example;
  • Excellent problem/conflict resolution skills;
  • Superior planning and time management skills;
  • Exceptional customer service ability and ability to multitask under pressure;
  • Advanced numerical, analytic, Excel and financial information systems skills;
  • Deep understanding of accounting processes;
  • Critical ability to analyse and evaluate financial market information;
  • Ability to transmit and implement new concepts;
  • Experience in managing relationships with stakeholders;
  • Experience in medical devices or pharmaceutical companies is preferred.