Job Description

The candidate is expected to follow major data flow, including markets, overall economy and the financial sector. Expected to model relationship and linkages between macroeconomic indicators and DEVELOPMENT topics with advanced analytical methods.

  • Regularly following major macroeconomic data releases and writing reports;
  • Building databases upon need on macro and development subjects including climate and environment;
  • Examining the data and conducting macroeconomic models; Assisting to macroeconomic modelling team;
  • Handling complicated data, creating charts and presentations;
  • Following most recent literature of the international institutions and adapting them to the team's activity;
  • Enriching the research coverage with international perspective;
  • Modelling linkages between macro and development themes.

Successful Applicant

An ideal candidate should have an excellent academic track record from top-tier institutions; will be at least Degree qualified and preferably have an postgraduate degree in ECONOMICS or/and finance or/and econometrics or/and statistics. Good understanding of economic concepts and principles and self-motivation in economic research.
Min 2 - Max 4 years of experience on DEVELOPMENT economic research. Advance in computer skills, knowledge of database tools, such as Reuters, Bloomberg, etc. Familiarity with, E-views, Stata, Python, R and SQL applications. Proficiency in quantitative methods and big data and data/text mining will be a strong competitive advantage. Experienced in writing and delivering reports based upon need and following strict client deadlines.
EXCELLENT command of English both in written and verbal terms