Job Description

  • Preparing regulatory capital adequacy credit risk reports and establishing effective control points,
  • Coordinating and improving risk management processes and practices in subsidiaries subject to consolidation,
  • Preparing the credit risk and capital adequacy reports to the shareholder,
  • Contributing to the implementation of the Bank's credit risk stress tests,
  • Taking role in the Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) with credit risk and capital projections,
  • Supporting analysis studies in line with the needs and expectations of the shareholder, senior management, business units, BRSA, rating agencies, investors and other third parties,
  • Contributing to the internal processes and policies regarding the Bank's Risk Strategy and Capital Management.

Successful Applicant

  • Basic SQL Knowledge
  • Preferably having experience in calculation of capital adequacy
  • Project management and analytical thinking skills
  • Good communication skills and attitude for teamwork
  • Good research skills, open for learning and development
  • Up to 4 years' of total work experience